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About the centre

Our surroundings - Snowdonia National Park

Kayaking in Snowdonia National Park

Designated in 1952 as a National Park in recognition of its outstanding beauty, Snowdonia covers 823 square miles of diverse landscapes including mountains, rivers, lakes and beaches. It is the largest National Park in Wales, and is home to the highest mountain in England and Wales, and the largest natural lake in Wales. 26,000 people live and work within the Park. Snowdonia is an area steeped in culture and local history, where more than half its population speak Welsh.

Plas Dol-y-Moch is in the very heart of the National Park.

Whilst attending a course at the Centre, all visitors are strongly encouraged to obey the countryside code:

Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures,
Kill nothing but boredom.

Our aim is to educate our young people to appreciate and conserve our wonderful natural heritage.  Whilst at the Centre, pupils can participate in a range of activities that count towards the John Muir Discovery Award, a certifiable award to show that they have undertaken to discover, explore, conserve and share what they have learned.

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