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About the centre

Our cake recipes

Fancy a go at making some of the yummy cakes and other grub you've been eating at Dol-y-Moch?  Here's the place to find the recipes...  Have fun!

The Dol-y-Moch cakes have been favourites of many generations and we are often asked for the recipes by staff and pupils alike.  Here's your chance to find the cake of your dreams and have a go at making it at home! 

Dol-y-Choc Chip Muffin

Here's one to enjoy in front of a crackling bonfire - or at home watching "Countryfile" on the telly...


Our famous Flapjack!

This one's a nice easy one to cook up...  Lovely to keep your energy up during days out in the wilds - or just playing in the park with your mates...

Dol-y-Moch Date Slice

A firm favourite with everyone - just imagine munching one of these on a wind swept mountain...  Yum!

DYM Apple Flapjack

One to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winter evening.  Try this gorgeous cake in a lake of vanilla custard.